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The Philosophy Society 2021-22

The Philosophy Society is a group of students - philosophy students and students from across the university - that meet up twice a month for both formal events such as talks on campus by students and guest speakers and informal events such as screenings of philosophically rich films at the campus cinema. Over the next academic year, 2021-22, the Society aims to grow and become more interdisciplinary: to gain more members from other subjects and to co-host events with other Societies.


Events Hosted by the Philosophy Society


Formal events: 

  • Talks by students or guest speakers

  • Screenings of lectures and debates followed by discussion

  • Trips to lectures, panel discussions and debating events hosted by organisations outside of the university (e.g Intelligence Squared debates in London)


Informal Events:

  • Casual Discussions whilst sitting or walking around campus

  • Social Events on and off campus 

  • Screenings of movies and series that are of philosophical relevance and that make philosophical statements


This Year’s Committee 


Vice-President: Max Ramsahoye, Philosophy & Sociology student | | (+44) 07920449762 

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, if you would like to know more about the Society and our events, if you would like to organise an event or for anything else! :)

As illustrated by my broad intellectual interests below, I would like the Philosophy Society to represent and exhibit the foundational, interdisciplinary, all-encompassing and applied nature of philosophy. As a joint degree student myself, I would like the Society to have as many members who are students in other disciplines as members that are students of Philosophy. Towards these two goals, I will be looking to co-host events with other Societies from across the University. 

Interests: Anti-capitalism (Anti-consumerism, Anti-work), Post-capitalism (Post-scarcity, Post-consumerism, Post-work), Capitalist Realism & Accelerationism; Effective Altruism, Existential Risk, Artificial Intelligence & The Long-term Future of Civilisation (Post-nationalism, Post International Anarchy, Post Neoliberal Globalisation, Post-ideology); Atheism, Anti-theism & Post-theism; Veganism, Abolitionism and Eradicating Wild Animal Suffering; Transhumanism, Posthumanism & Evolutionary Psychology; Science, Dystopian & Utopian Fiction; Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, Free Will, Skepticism/Epistemology.


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