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University of Essex Photography Society

Putting the Art of Photography into Focus for All

‘Everybody’s a photographer!’, that’s what the UoE Photography Society believes anyway! This society is all about bringing people together that share that special passion and interest in photography, whatever their skill or knowledge level, and giving them an environment to learn, develop and share but most importantly have fun and meet some great people. 

The Society tries to be as inclusive as possible with members ranging from the very beginners, you don’t even necessarily need to own your own camera, to the experts and we believe that everyone has some creative idea, or knowledge, that could benefit all members, regardless of your level! 

The Society meets weekly, usually every Tuesday (although attendance every week is not compulsory), and each week there is a session that is based on a different photographic skill and/or theme, aimed at developing members skills and growing their portfolios! Further to these weekly sessions the Society tries to offer extra trips, social events, and volunteering/job opportunities.  

The Society also tries to be very active across digital platforms and encourage members, as long as they feel comfortable, to share their work, whether from Society sessions or not, in attempt to get members’ work the recognition it deserves. We also very passionately believe that once a Photography Society member you should always have a place in our Society and are attempting to build a large network of past members, getting members’ work even greater attention and expanding the knowledge available. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, buy a membership with us, above, or explore our various social media pages from the links below! 



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