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Are you interested in Photography but don’t know where to start?

Ever have a brilliant photographic idea but are unsure how to pull it off or can’t think of anything to shoot?

We aim to promote and inspire interest in the study and application of Photography, in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. The Photographic Society offers an outlet for your busy mind; letting creativity flourish.

This society seeks to build a network of photographers who take photos for enjoyment, while mastering new skills and approaching subjects from different perspectives. It's for those people who aren't necessarily looking at photography as a career, but want to be the best photographer they can be, whether you have a smartphone, a compact camera or DSLR (film cameras welcome too). 

We are a strong niche society that achieves a varied programme through weekly meetings including workshops, practical sessions, socials, travel opportunities, volunteering, discussions and encouragement between members.

We aim to assist the development of photography without teaching, but, by learning together as a collective of imagination and technique. We also realise that in this digital time, particular attention should be given to photo editing; Adobe Photoshop tutorials will be provided at the new student centre media suite for those interested.

If you have any questions/suggestions take a look, like and share our Facebook Page and to keep up to date with meetings and events join the Group here.


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