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The Politics Society exists to help all students interested in Politics, we offer a wide range of activities and opportunities. If you are interested in a subject you can join our discussions, and suggest a topic to discuss either in an open forum or by inviting speakers. Not only that, we aim to improve the employability of our members by offering opportunities to make them more attractive to employers. We operate on a neutral platform as we want everyone to be able to voice their opinion and to have a pluralistic society that revolves around all parties and political views.



We meet every Thursday at 7:00pm in the Government Common Room (but this varies according to the event, so keep updated with our social media). Our discussions range from a range of topics from the Palestine-Israel conflict to Gun Control and the Future of the Monarchy; and we host guest speakers such as MPs, politicians and researchers to cover elections, local and international politics.

For just £5 you can have access to all our activities and services which include:

  • Discussions every Thursday 
  • Talks by Guest Professors/ Activists/ Politicians on various topical issues
  • Panel debates and liaised events with the Government Department and other political societies
  • Opportunities to improve CV with politics related volunteering activities and charitable fundraising 
  • Careers events to improve our members employability
  • Trips and Tours of various Political institutions including a visit to the UK Parliament (Below you can find a photo of our Parliament Trip, and visit the Facebook Page where you can see photos of John Bercow giving us a talk in Westminister in our last trip)  
  • Trips to Europe. We have been to Brussels and Berlin!
  • Socials -  Film Nights, Awards Ceremony, Trips out (Laser Tag) 
  • And much more...


Exec Team:

For more information please contact our Exec Team for 2018-19

  • President: Sean Quartermaine (sdbqua@essex.ac.uk)
  • Vice President: Mark Kiley
  • Treasurer: Jack Aislabie (ja17556@essex.ac.uk)
  • Fundraising & Liaison Officer: Adam Wright
  • Social Secretary: Luke McNeil



Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UoEPolSoc/

Twitter Page: @UoEPolSoc

Discussion Group: www.facebook.com/groups/UoEPolSoc


To sign up as a member of this club please ensure that you have first registered to www.essexstudent.com and click on the membership payment icon (add to basket) at the bottom of the page, then you can pay via Debit or Credit Card through the online payment system. Alternatively you can sign up as a member of this club by enquiring at the Students' Union Reception by providing your PRID number on your student card.

The Politics society is part of the Departmental and the Political Convene of the Societies Guild.  For information on upcoming activities and future events please contact the society committee. The Society welcomes all students and staff at the advertised membership above. Non-students and students at other institutions should contact the SU Societies Department (susocs@essex.ac.uk) for details on how to join.



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