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The University of Essex Politics Society exists to allow members, from both the department of Government and other departments, to discuss political events and issues in a safe environment as well as to allow those members to be exposed to new ideas from political figures, speakers, and activists. We also aim to improve the employability of our members by offering opportunities that make them more attractive to potential employers.


The Politics Society holds regular events that include inviting speakers to discuss political issues, debates between the political parties on campus, and social events. These events will be published on our Twitter, our Facebook page and on the societies event page and usually take place on a Thursday evening.
Our discussions range from topics such as the morality of camps on the Mexican-American border, to where animal rights should end, to whether the UK should have more relaxed gun laws. We operate as a neutral platform where everyone can voice their opinions in a safe and free place.
Just pick up your free membership and you can have access to all our activities which include:
  • Regular discussions
  • Talks by guests
  • Panel debates
  • Opportunities to improve CV with volunteering and charitable fundraising
  • Social events such as film nights, laser tag, award ceremony
  • Trips to various Political institutions, including a visit to the UK Parliament
  • Voting in elections
For more information, please contact our Exec Team for '21-'22
President: Olivia Smead (os18751@essex.ac.uk)
Secretary/Vice President: Ben Davies (bd18387@essex.ac.uk)


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UoEPolSoc/

Twitter Page: @UoEPolSoc

Instagram: @uoe_politicssociety

To sign up as a member of this club please ensure that you have first registered to www.essexstudent.com and click on the membership payment icon (add to basket) at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can sign up as a member of this club by enquiring at the Students' Union Reception by providing your PRID number on your student card.

The Politics Society is part of the Departmental and the Political Convene of the Societies Guild.  For information on upcoming activities and future events please contact the society committee. The Society welcomes all students and staff at the advertised membership above. Non-students and students at other institutions should contact the SU Societies Department (susocs@essex.ac.uk) for details on how to join.



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