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Who are we? 

We are the RPG & Tabletop society and we help facilitate RPG campaigns and we play boardgames weekly during term time.

Our Autumn Term Events

Weekly Board Game Nights
Come along and meet new people and play board games 

Date: Every Wednesday during term time!

Time: 6-11pm

Location: 5N.151 (Old Waterstones building) 

General Information

Board Game Nights

Every Wednesday, we hold a Game Night where members are welcome to come to socialise and play some board games. We own quick and easy-to-pick-up games such as 'Connect 4' and 'One Night Werewolves', as well as heavier and longer lasting games such as 'Lords of Waterdeep' and 'Legend of Drizzt'. 

However, board games are not our only field. Card game players are also welcome! The most popular game that our members frequently busy themselves with is Magic: The Gathering. 

If you have no experience with any of the games above, don't be afraid to still join in! Our members are welcoming and always willing to help you with the rules!

RPG Campaigns and Room Bookings

We accommodate for RPG campaigns throughout the academic year by booking them rooms. If you are a GM and you want to run a campaign, reach out to our Secretary and you will be given a weekly room on campus almost immediately. If you need a room outside of the regular room bookings (for example, for a one-shot), please put in the request with the Secretary about a week in advance so that the booking form can go through the SU and reach Central Timetabling in time! 

If a member of your party has decided to drop out for whatever reason and you need someone to fill the slot, simply put it in our 'looking for game' channel on Discord or post it on our Facebook page and you will find a new player in no time.

If you are a member looking to join a campaign but did not make it to the AGM, check on our Discord every now and again to see if new games have been created and have empty slots. If you are completely new to RPGs, our GMs and your fellow players will be more than happy to show you the ropes, so don't be afraid to get involved!

If you need anything else clarified, email or message one of the execs with your question and we will be happy to answer!


We own a number of books for systems such as Dungeons and Dragon 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Radiance, and 13th Age. If you wish to borrow one, you can! We bought them for GMs that want books but don't want to buy them out of their own pockets (system books are very expensive!). However, you will be held accountable for damage or loss of the books you borrowed, so treat them with respect and do not lend them to others without the society's permission.

General Meeting

The general meeting is usually held at the beginning of the first term and is where all members have the opportunity to sign up to RPG campaigns (most games are run for the whole academic year) and one-shots. All Game Masters that are looking to run a game will present their pitch to the society and the members will be given the opportunity to join. Most GMs run one session a week in the evenings, 6pm-11pm. However, free slots in games fill up very quickly, so make sure to write the date in on your calendar!

If you want to present your game at the AGM, make sure to give us your pitch before the date so that we can provide you with a slide. You can still pitch your campaign if you don't have a slide, but usually GMs that have warned us beforehand will be up first and will be given priority when sign-ups open.

If you are considering to run your own game without pitching it at the AGM (or even in the middle of the year) but are worried that you will not find players interested, don't sweat it! There are always people looking for games, so all you have to do is post it in our Discord or on the Facebook page and you will find your party of adventurers in no time! 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the society feel free to email one of us but we highly recommend joining our discord server to get a faster response and find out instantly when our events are happening.

Aaron (President): ab20669@essex.ac.uk

Chloe (Secretary): cb20611@essex.ac.uk

Aidan (Treasurer): ad19877@essex.ac.uk

Morris (Welfare Officer): manyu29201@essex.ac.uk

General Email: rpgandtabletopessex@gmail.com




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