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Who we are


The Role Play Game Society sets up gaming groups to play a variety of pen and paper role playing games, ranging from D&D, Radiance, Dark Heresey and some other specialist games. We also play board games if there is sufficient interest. A card game group is also set up at the beginning of the year for members that like to play Magic: the gathering, and other card games as the members desire.



General Info

The first general meeting of the year is where all members have the opportunity to sign up to games for the year (most games run through all 3 terms). All Dungeon masters or story tellers who want to run a game will pitch their game to the other members and this is where you have the opportunity to join any number of games (provided you have the time). Most dungeon masters or story tellers run one session a week in the evening from 6pm-11pm or 7pm-midnight. If a new member would like to run a game as well we do encourage it. You can join a game after the general meeting takes place, though it may be more difficult to find a game with spaces remaining. Remember to pay for your membership! All new members receive their own 7 piece set of polyhedral dice. 


Our regular activities nights will be on wednesdays throughout the term. Please check the facebook and discord for room announcements and times, as not all activities will be listed here. We will have fortnightly tabletop nights (the frequency may increase depending on how well recieved this is, as this is a new activity for the society), which will also include magic and other TCGs. We will also be holding larger social games nights, including games such as Werewolves. Also, we will be holding at least one one-shot per month, which will also be held on a Wednesday. Make sure to keep the day free! 


The general meeting will be held October 8th, in LTB2 at 6pm 




There is a ‘homebrew’ campaign called Athesia that runs throughout the year. This is a long running campaign that has been going on for about 6 years. The campaign has approximately 20 players and always welcomes new comers. There are usually two weekend ‘sessions’ that take place throughout the year where all the players are present and 2-3 smaller sessions a year with a limit of 5 players.  



Come and Try

If you have never played any of the above games and would like to learn, feel free to join, most of the members will be happy to help newcomers learn and enjoy all the games. On a side note, most of the RPG Soc members are also videogamers. We do not host LAN or gaming parties as a society but there might be members willing to host.



Information for GMs

  • If you plan to pitch a game for the AGM, try to let us know before September 30th. If you decide last minute to run a game, that's okay, but knowing before this date really helps us to help you. 
  • If you plan to run a one shot or extra sessions, and need a room booking outside of the typical mass booking, please try to give us ten days' notice, as the university can take up to 10 days to approve these. Approvals can be done within a couple days, but this is not guaranteed. 
  • If you have players drop out of a game and need spaces filling, let us know, and we can advertise these spaces for you.
  • We have some books in the society locker. If you want to borrow these, you can! That's what they're there for. 



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