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  "The difficulty, in sociology, is to manage to think in a completely astonished and disconcerted way about things you thought you had always understood" - Pierre Bourdieu       


Thank you to all who have joined and have shown interest in the sociology society. We hope to bring you some sort of joy and encourage you to challenge your sociological knowledge. The sociology society is rather new, beginning in 2019, we aim to inspire all students to delve deeper into the sociological imagination. Under the current circumstances of COVID-19, we are slowly adpapting to the situaiton, so until further notice all events wiil be taking place on zoom. Hopefully in the near future we can bring about in-person activties (while taking procaution of course) for you all to take part in. 


Do you thoughts align with Feminism, Marxism, Functionalism, Interractionism, Postmodern or another sociological persepctives? Is your own sociological perspection built on a consensus or critical appraoch? Are you an activist for social change?  Find out in the Sociology society! 

Fortnightly, we will be holding a Zoom call event on Wednesday evenings between 5pm-6pm and during such events will we delve into three topics that will change at each event. These three topics are 1) A sociologist/Sociological perspective (e.g. Gramsci/Neo-Marxism), 2) a sociological institution (e.g. family) and 3) a recent event in society that relates to sociology (e.g. the migration crisis). In these meeting we will discuss our persepctive of these three topics, such as our critiques, solutions, impact upon us and our society. We hope such discussions will bring about debate, conversation, as well as an opportunity to learn something new! We welcome both those who would like to take part in the discuss and those who enjoy spectating the meeting. The sociology society is all about expanding our mind set. We also encourage if you have anything in mind you want to discuss, please get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to include your ideas within our topics.

Follow Us to stay updated on our events and to get the heads up on the topics we will be discussing in our fortnightly meetings :)                                                                                               Facebook: and Instagram: SocSoc_Essex


Sociology society if a safe, welcome and inclusive environment. Members do not need by be student in the Sociology department and do not need to have any prior knowledge of the subject, as long as your curioisity is there then this society is perfect for you. We want to empahaise to you all that the Sociology society is a society that respect all identities and social groups, so all views and opinions are to be respectful and welcomed with an open mind.


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28th October @ 7pm - Black Lives Matter Discussion

The BLM events organised in Castle Park were a milestone and provided an amazing opportunity for students to become involved in the movement. That's why the Sociology Society next event will be a discussion on Black Lives Matter, with guests Asha and Sophie who organised the BLM protests in Colchester It is important that the students hear from other students and former students about activism. Sociology becomes more real.

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