"The difficulty, in sociology, is to manage to think in a completely astonished and disconcerted way about things you thought you had always understood" - Pierre Bourdieu       


Thank you to all who have joined and shown interest in the sociology society. We hope to bring you some sort of joy and encourage you to challenge as well as grow your sociological knowledge or help you discover a brand new passion within the world of sociology. The sociology society is rather new, beginning in 2019, we aim to inspire all students to delve deeper into the sociological imagination. Under the current circumstances of COVID-19, the Uni has decided to take on a 'Targeted Level approach'. This means more activity can occur on campus while simultaneously keeping all staff and students safe. YES! This means we can finally hold face to face events, debates and parties for instance we can now take part in SU Bar events such as the SOCIETY SATURDAYS which will commence from the 9th October 2021 we hope to see you all there. To find out more info about this event click the link below. 

SOCIETY SATURDAY'S (essexstudent.com)  


Do you thoughts align with Feminism or to be more specific Black feminism or Radical feminism, Marxism, Functionalism, Interractionism, Postmodern or another sociological persepctives? Are you an activist for social change? Find out in the Sociology society! 

We will hold numerous debates on popular or even controversial topics relating to movements such as Black Lives Matter, Anti-capitalism, #Metoo, Civil RIghts Movement, Indigenous Peoples Movement, LGBTQ+ Social Movement, Pro-life movement and much more! By having these discussions we aim to bring about conversation and an opportunity to learn something new. If you dont want to take part actively in any kind of discourse then no need to worry! We welcome both those who would like to take part in the chat and those who enjoy spectating the meeting. The sociology society is all about expanding our mind set. We also want to hear your own thoughts, if you have any specific topics you want to discuss then please get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to include your ideas within our topics. We also hold Quiz nights where you could have opportunity to win prizes but more imporantly test you limits on your sociological knowledge. The Quiz topics can span across guessing the name of the feminist to define the meaning of the word enthocentrism. There will also be Vibe Sessions where all members can meet up and relax together because we understand that uni life can become overwhelming, we can also hold revision/study sessions, it is key to help each other out. 

Follow us on our socials! Stay updated on events we will be holding                                                                                           

Facebook: University of Essex Sociology Society - Home | Facebook  

Instagram: UoE Sociology Society (@socsoc_essex) • Instagram photos and videos - Socsoc_Essex


The Sociology society if a safe, welcome and an inclusive environment. Members do not by any means be student in the Sociology department and do not need to have any prior knowledge of the subject, as long as your curioisity is there then this society is perfect for you! We want to empahaise to you all that the Sociology society is a community that respects all identities and social groups, so all views and opinions are to be respectful and welcomed with an open mind.


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