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Welcome to the Thai International Society page!

Looking for a social group to hang in? Perhaps interested in learning how to cook Thai food? Maybe want to learn more about Thai culture and the language? The Thai International Society may just be the one for you. Open to both Thais and non-Thais alike, the Thai International Society is bringing Thai culture all the way from the Land of Smiles to the University of Essex.

The society holds various types of events such as cooking classes, Thai nights out, sports hangouts, Thai seasonal festive events, movie nights and the occasional temple visits to London. Additionally, the society also holds joint events with other Asian societies, and with last year's successful Asian Night out in Colchester, ThaiSoc seeks to help organise one again this academic year. ThaiSoc also helps organise a massive nation-wide event which connects all Thai society (and people) from every corner of the United Kingdom.

Society Award 2016 - Bronze

To keep up to date with our events and discussions, join the Thai International Society's Facebook group, linked here.


Society Aims:

• To educate students in Thai cultural practices

• To promote diversity in the school environment

• To provide a second home for Thai students in the University of Essex 

• To help familiarise Thai students with the university 

• To promote extracurricular participation among Thai students

• To promote participation in charitable activities 

• To network students looking for a career path in Thailand

Society Objectives:

• To acknowledge and practice Thai celebrations

• To facilitate social settings for student interaction

• Establish an advisor to help students settle in University or give information to anybody who’s interested in travel/work in Thailand and the United Kingdom

• Joint events with other cultural societies 

• To raise funds for charity

• Introduce Thai cuisine



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