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Dear University of Essex Students,


Turkish Society is part of the Cultural group of Societies Guild and anyone who is either Turkish or interested in Turkish language, cuisine, music, activities, etc. are welcomed.


Our main aim is to bring all the Turkish students of the university together, which will hopefully establish a great community that people may:

* Make more friends and have fun time

* Help each other out in different aspects such as adaptation, studying, etc.


One of our aims is to guide people whom have the interest and sympathy for Turkish language and culture, such as teaching the language and Turkish cuisine.


Our another aim is to organize events in order to bring people together, such as:

* Celebrating our national days at the bars and clubs in Colchester town 

* Preparing Turkish dinner together

* Indoor activities such as board games, okey (Rummikub), card games, bowling, pool, etc.


We’d love to have you on board. 

Kind Regards


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