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What is Film Society?

The University of Essex Film Society is a group that welcomes film fanatics, casual watchers and filmmakers. We plan to have weekly socials like: trips to the cinema, casual viewing parties or game nights. We also put a lot of value on giving students a platform to express their creativity and produce their short films, animations or any creative endeavour that consist within film! We will be organising competitions that encourages our members to create a piece of film or writing, where the best film will get a prize (the others will get a prize too ;) )

If you want to let your creativity loose and make full use of what university has to offer, sign up now!

What do you do at Film Society?

  • Cinema Trips to watch films of all kinds at Odeon,Curzon and FirstSite
  • Productions of films and writing.
  • Competitions that will put your creativity to the test.
  • Game nights with prizes such as cinema tickets, blu-rays and other film related stuff!
  • Big events such as Oscar Night, IMAX trips movie marathons and on campus screenings!

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