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Hello! Labas! :) 

The Lithuanian society is a society that unites all of the students on campus who are from Lithuania and everyone else who is interested in Lithuanian culture. 

Aims of the Society :


  • Organising trips home
  • Helping to adapt to a new life in the United Kingdom
  • Providing information from Lithuanian Embassy in London


Career development  events:

  •   Organising opportunities for internships/ business networking with Lithuanian companies in Lithuania
  •  Sharing of information from Lithuanian student abroad, Lithuanian London city club and other networks



  • “Kucios”
  • Going out to Colchester 
  • Watching Eurovision together
  • Playing basketball
  • Organising field trips to Europe


Promoting cooperation and cultural understanding: 

  • Lithuanian cuisine 'hands-on' cooking events
  • Collaborations with other societies



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