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Hello! Labas! :) 

The Lithuanian society is a society that unites all of the students on campus who are from Lithuania and everyone else who is interested in Lithuanian culture. 

Aims of the Society :

  • To create a safe and encouraging environment for Lithuanians studying at the University of Essex and anyone who is interested in Lithuanian culture, to open a discussion for ideas and concerns.
  • To promote every aspect of Lithuania and to make the Lithuanian culture more accessible for everyone in the University campus and in the area of Colchester.
  • To draw different cultural societies on campus together and reach a closer intercultural communication at the University of Essex.


  1. Socials 
  2. Celebrating national and public holidays
  3. Watching Eurovision together
  4. Cooking traditional food 
  5. Basketball - in all its forms
  6. Collabs with other societies


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