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The Maths Society organises a wide variety of activities and events which helps us to foster our fantastic, friendly community. It also gives you a chance to explore your love of maths, increase your knowledge and skills and enhance your employability.

We aim to promote the enjoyment of maths and the society is open to all: you don’t have to be studying maths, you just have to be interested in maths. We are a society for everyone — whether it's people who want to learn a bit more maths, or people who want to socialise with other people who also enjoy maths.

We will be hosting a range of socials over the academic year on a fortnightly basis. With socials including themed events, bowling and pizza nights, puzzle nights and much much more - there’s always an attractive event around the corner!

Problem Drives - which give participants a chance to try out their mathematical skills - will become a regular feature in the termly calendar. 

The Maths Society will also be hosting a range of speakers this year. Suitably serious topics, such as quantum gravity and algebraic geometry, will be covered, but less intimidating areas such as the maths of juggling (involving group theory) or whether the perfect cocktail should be shaken or stirred (fluid dynamics), also appear on the menu. Most importantly, the talks are aimed at a general audience and aren't connected to the degree syllabus in any way.


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