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About Us -

We are a society formed around our love for literature.

Our aim is to create safe spaces away from the pressures of studying to meet like-minded people, support each other with course material, and share our passion for literature. This will be a place for you to share your own writing and learn from others, to rant about a new series you discovered, or to share essays about your favourite character's redemption arc.

On top of this, we want members to get to know one another by facilitating movies and games nights and living out our dead poets' society fantasy freely.

Everyone regardless of their identity, age, religion, sexuality, race, etc., are welcome.





Our Meeting times and days = 

Weekly Study Sessions in the library = TUESDAYS 4-6pm

Fortnightly Creativity Workshops in the LIFTs Common Room = THURSDAYS 3-4pm

(odd weeks in your essex calendar)

Weekly Social in the LIFTs Common Room =  SATURDAYS 4-5pm

We look forward to meeting you!





Contact -

Email address:

Facebook page:

Instagram account:


Our Executive Team -

Louie Judd (she/they) - - President

Holly Ryce (she/her) - - Treasurer/COVID & Welfare Officer

Lou Woods (they/them) - - Secretary/Vice-President

Tahmina Shaheed (she/her) - - Social Media & Events Manager


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Come hang out with us for a few hours. Meet the new execs, sign up for our events this term, and meet everyone else who's joining us this year!


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