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Lacrosse, is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK! Utilising basic team sport concepts, Lacrosse is a skillful but fun and enjoyable sport with many different aspects to gameplay. Lacrosse is fast pace and easy to learn, passing, dodging and shooting are essential to the sport, but with 90% of players in past and present teams never having played before, it is clear that anyone can pick it up in no time! Big or small, there's a position for you on the Lacrosse field.

As previous Club of the Year winners, all club members can get involved in many different activities throughout the year. Following on from last years success, the upcoming season should be even better with social events created with everyone in mind, every wednesday without fail, among other social events throughout the year and exciting projects such as voluntary charity events and volunteer work, there is plenty to do in a friendly and fun atmosphere. So why not give it a go? Try lacrosse. It will be the best decision you make at Uni!


Essex Sport Awards

2022/2023: Awarded Gold Standards

2021/2022: Awarded Gold Standards

2021/2022: Social Club of the Year

2020/2021: Awarded Gold Standards

2019/2020: Awarded Gold Standards

2018/2019: Awarded Gold Standards

2017/2018: Awarded Gold Standards

2016/2017: Awarded Gold Standards

2015/2016: Awarded Gold Standards

2014/2015: Awarded Gold Standards

2013/2014: Social Club of the Year & Team of the Year (women's) & Awarded Gold Standards

2012/2013: Club of the Year

2011/2012: Team of the Year (men's) 

2010/2011: Team of the Year (men's)

2009/2010: Social Club of the Year

Other recognitions:

Women's team commended 'Team of the year' in Colchester Sports Personality Award 2014

Regular meeting times, socials, events

Term Training Times:

Monday (Astro):


Friday (Grass):



The Lacrosse clubs men's and women's teams compete in BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport). Matches on Wednesdays & Cup Games.

Lacrosse Sports Fed social every Wednesday night! #FEDNESDAY

Club aims

The upcoming season is only the 11th year that the lacrosse club has existed and is looking to embrace and encourage those who are new to the sport and develop the club as a whole. #GROWTHEGAME. With two training sessions a week and a game every Wednesday, the opportunity to play and learn new skills is at your fingertips.

Whilst we strive to be competitive in the sporting aspect of the club, where we really excel is the way in which we socialise. We integrate both the men’s and women’s sides of the club with the sole purpose of making sure every member gets to have a great time during their university career.


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment


The club engages in numerous volunteering and fundraising events throughout the year, and has raised the most money of all the University sports clubs this year! 





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Vice-President - Men's

Vice-President - Women's

Welfare Officer

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