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About the Portuguese Speaking Society

Hello, welcome to the Portuguese society !

We aim to represent and celebrate the warm and vibrant culture of Portugal and its people. We are a community who works towards building friendships and to make your experience at Essex memorable. Not only will you have a new social group, but we offer an opportunity to network and expand your connections throughout Essex.

We welcome anyone interested in our culture and future projects.

Our ambition is to welcome everyone and ensure that the culture of Portugal is easily accessible to all students.

We intend to spread our culture througth:

-Organizing activities and events such as movie nights,

-traditional food events,

-social gatherings,

-celebrating Portuguese holidays and much more.

Be happy, put yourself out there, get involved as much as you can, try new things, make a lot of new friends and share your ideas with us!


You can reach us at our: 

Email: uoeportuguesesociety@hotmail.com

Instagram: uoeportuguesesociety

Twitter: UoEportuguesesociety




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