Essex Blades Handball Club

Handball is one of the biggest sports in Europe, and is the fastest growing sport in the UK. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to experienced players.
Why choose handball?
The answer is simple
1. Learn to play the amazing sport in a supportive environment, giving you the chance to improve as a player on any level. 
2. Get to know some amazing people off as well as on the pitch. We are a mixed gender club, and our socials are alays together!
Our training consists of each one of us participating with exciting exercises, funny jokes or 'just too-much-studying' silly grins. Along with this comes our devotion to and experience of playing handball, and willingness to spread even more interest in this sport.
- > Whether you have never heard about this sport or you just want to improve your team skills, our handball club is a suitable place for everyone who is passionate about sport and eager to develop both mentally and physically.


Regular meeting times, socials, events

Training times: (Sports Hall)
Thursdays 6-8 pm 
We organize socials before Sports Fed every other Wednesday, in addition to other social gatherings.

Club aims

Our aim is this easy: bringing people together to play handball and socialising with a lot of amazing people! Our club contributes to the growth of the sport in the country, and offers the highest quality of Handball at University level in the UK. 
Whilst being active and enjoying the sport, we are all about the community as a team off pitch as well. Not to mention our great socials, making new friends and creating a good dynamic within the team off and on the pitch is very important to us. The Club integrate both the men's and women's sides of the club with trainings and socials together, with the sole purpose of making sure every member gets to have a great time during their University career.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Other info about us

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