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TIES - Trading and Investment at Essex Society aims to equip members of all backgrounds with knowledge and experience of the financial markets through collective learning and practice trading accounts. The society is open to everyone across all disciplines of study interested in learning about the vast world of finance. We will conduct presentations on core concepts, techniques, skills and tools applied to make investment decisions, as well as trading workshops to give everyone the opportunity to give the world of finance a try.

All students are welcome to join regardless of level of understanding in Finance!

We look forward to meeting you!


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Happy holidays from the exec team - we hope you all enjoyed the winter break and stuffed your bellies with champagne and chocolates  

We're announcing that TIES are participating in Nobias Investment Challenge and we'd like to have 5 teams participating. The Challenge is a global challenge that all universities around the world can participate in ranging from Yale to Oxford and TIES wants to win it in our first entry to the competition.

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