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Our goal as a society is to bring people together by playing video games with or against each other for an enjoyable time! This year we plan to run a variety of events throughout the year, which include:

  • Socials on Campus       
  • Bi-weekly Gaming Nights on Discord
  • LAN Events
  • Representing the university and society in Competitive Gaming Events (NUEL and NSE)
  • Charity events
  • And much more from suggestions from our society members.

If you are interested in competitive gaming for games such as League of Legends, CS-GO, DOTA 2 and more, we will be participating in both NUEL and NSE leagues.

You can see what games are primarily included in these competitive tournaments by accessing the respective pages here:



Depending on turnout for signups, we can have as many teams as we want to compete for each game. Teams will be balanaced according to rank and ability so that everyone is welcome. The tournaments try their best to accomodate low level teams with other low level teams so that everyone can get as fair a game as possible, so do not be concerned about if you feel like you'd be dragging others down and represent the university to the best of your ability!

These teams will be set up in the Discord server, so if you have an interest make sure you join and talk to us about what game and events you would like to participate in. We have plans to accomodate for smaller game communities as well, we're not just for the major multiplayer ones. If you are interested in finding friends or likeminded people for the relatively niche games, we will work to provide that platform for you amongst our Discord as well as in future events.


Our benefits for becoming an official member of the Video Game Society include but not limited to:

  • Ability to be included in representing the university and society in regional competitive leagues with other universities across the country playing you're favourite games, regardless of skill level. You'll get access to our resources to help you find a team and help with all setup and admin work.
  • Access to future trips we will plan to various gaming culture events like conventions, expos and other likewise trips.
  • Access to engage in society elections, whether that be voting or standing for an official position yourself among the executives.
  • Help fund bigger and better society events and tools that allow us to grow our influence across the campus, involving other societies and organisations in the process.
  • A nifty discord role to flex on the plebs
  • And many more benefits which will rise up spontaneously dependent on the occasion. 

Note : With COVID-19 affecting many aspects of society management and activities across campus, it may prove difficult in the early days to carry out what we originally hope to achieve in terms of physical events, however seeing as we are mostly in theory an online and digital community, we will still be holding events that will be advertised and displayed on our social media and Discord server. The Discord server will of course always be free and open to join, and membership will not hinder your ability to speak to and find people to meet and play with. Refer to our Discord server if in doubt and ask Executives in the appropiate platform such as through private message or email if you have any questions about the society .




          Twitter – https://www.twitter.com/EssexVGS

          Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/EssexVGS

          Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/essexvgs

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