Occupational Therapy


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The OT society is run by students, and is open to all students with an interest in occupational therapy.

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession that provides support to people of all ages whose health, due to illness, ageing or accident, prevents them doing tasks, activities and occupations that matter to them (NHS Choices 2015; RCOT 2017).

The OT society helps to celebrate and promote the profession, and hosts a range of learning opportunities to help boost your professional development. We also hold social activities, so you can meet with others, across all year groups, who share your interest.

Why join?

If you’re studying occupational therapy, joining our society will be a fantastic complement to your degree. We run sessions that support and boost what you’ve learned in the classroom, including conferences, workshops, guest speakers and skills sessions. Our society will also help you get a job, by opening up opportunities for learning more about your future profession and enabling you to network with occupational therapy professionals. We’re also a social society – while our activities will almost always have an occupational focus, we aim to have fun in the process!

The OT Society aims to:

  • Organise social events to meet new friends and network, between cohorts, with other healthcare professions and with qualified professionals

  • Coordinate academic trips, such as conference and activity site visits

  • Organise professional development events, such as a programme of guest speakers

  • Promote Occupational Therapy locally and nationally 



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