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About us …

       Do you have a passion for making beautiful designs out of paper or  do you want to try something new and exciting? The Origami Society will give you the opportunity to spend a few relaxing, fun and productive hours a week learning how to make all kinds of different things from the simple sheet of paper. We teach the art of origami to everyone, whether beginners or experts delivering a weekly origami course and other fun sessions. Whether you have a lot of experience  or want to try something new, you are welcome to join.

       In our weekly sessions, you can let your creativeness flourish by learning to fold a simple square of paper into a world of possibilities. You will even get the opportunity to display your work at the spring convention of the British origami society which is happening in Colchester. Choose to join the Origami Society and you will become part of a small community of paper folders. Here you can practice your extracurricular paper folding skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Origami Soc aims to:
  • Raise awareness of Origami at Uni of Essex. 
  • Teach Origami to everyone from Beginners to Experts through our brand new 10-week course the committee members will be teaching. We welcome everyone. 
  • Allow like-minded individuals to meet and share their knowledge and love of Origami.
  • Actively promote and encourage the learning of Origami.
  • Work with the British Origami Society “BOS” to promote Origami through volunteering, collaborations, and conventions. 

Society objectives

  • We will have weekly meetings and workshops to teach Origami, share ideas and have fun.
  • We will invite special guests through the BOS to give talks, teach and display their work.
  • We will offer trips to BOS spring and autumn conventions.
  • We will run Origami competitions and Exhibitions at the University.
  • We will organize lectures on topics such as paper making and Origami history.


Origami Course: Napkin Origami
Although most people don't think it, napkin folding is a form of art. Join us after the holiday to try something new.
Origami Course: Flower Power
This week we are focusing on teaching various types of flowers. let us know before if there is any specific type so we have plenty of time to prepare ahead.
Origami Course: Your Origami Story
This is a special session where during the first hour we will all fold the designs that we believe tells our story and then for the second hour, we will share our story with everyone. This will be a very interactive session with lots of activities.
Origami Course: Kirigami
Understanding the history of Kirigami can improve your knowledge of how paper crafting has changed over time. It's thought that Kirigami was first used in Japanese temples as a way to make offerings to the gods. Pretty cool right?




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