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The following is a brief introduction to the aims and plans of the society along with some current involvements and responsibilities.

  • “The Road to the Bar”: The Bar Society serves the ultimate purpose of making every member capable of joining the bar, as long as they have an educational background which would allow them to utilise it in the legal profession; students from any area can become a barrister with determination and dedication. The Bar Society will run a workshop from the beginning of the term, called “The Road to the Bar”, where all the required information will be given to members and step by step, with the help of UoE faculty and barristers, members will get closer to perfecting their skills, enabling them to become members of the bar.
  • Mooting: The Bar Society focuses on mooting as this provides all the lawyers-to-be with the superb skills of developing legal arguments, helping not only in academic activities but also preparing them for real life legal work.
  • “Be a Lawyer” workshop: Knowing when and what to say and to whom is usually a life changing factor for not only lawyers but also all successful people. The “Be a Lawyer” workshop will help members acquire these social attributes, enabling them to make the most out of any opportune event.
  • Legal experience: Bar Society will try to enhance members' future prospects through mini pupilages and shadowing, marshaling opportunities, visiting inns of courts for workshops/general receptions and other pro-bono and relevant legal experiences.
  • Connecting ourselves: The Bar Society aims to creating a friendly environment where members of the society feel connected with shared vision and passion. Together, we will form a strong union, helping each other through thick and thin. The society executives will make sure that the Bar Society operates in harmony not only with the other legally focused societies of our university but also with the Bar societies of Queen Mary, LSE and King’s College.
  • Tours/Court visits: Although tours may seem exciting, but traveling abroad to visit courts do not provide us with any benefit if we do not understand how the courts of England and Wales work. The members of the Bar Society through regular court visits will witness court procedures, where they will gain inspiration and a better understanding of English law.
  • Further responsibilities: The society’s Legal Advisory Team, which signed an MoU with the Commonwealth Students’ Association and the Commonwealth Youth Directorate, has been working in partnership with the CSA to provide legal advice to about 54 million tertiary students of the 53 Commonwealth countries.


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