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Hi, Hey, Hello! 

Whether you are a current student, a newcomer, a prospective sponsor, or simply wander around the University's Website; on behalf of the entire executive committee, WELCOME to Essex Bar Society's Official Webpage!

Below you can find some essential information about our society in a FAQ-like format. If you happen to have more questions, please do not hesitate to message us via our social media or send us an email. Our email address is:
Kind regards, 
 Committee Executives,


The Essex Bar Society has enjoyed the title of an official society within our campus for quite some time. Nevertheless, over the last couple of years, the university had to temporarily suspend it and all its activities due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak. The current committee has taken for themselves to resurrect the Bar Society and create anew family-like community of students with a common interest in our domestic legal system. One of the first committee's resolutions was to implement free-of-charge membership. The committee decided to opt out of paid membership so that anyone could sign-up upon the start of the academic year and choose which events to attend on short notice. Moreover, the committee is currently discussing and planning events for the upcoming semesters to accommodate maximum satisfaction from The Essex Bar Society members.

- Okay, but what is this society for?

Great question! A fundamental aim of the Essex Bar Society is to equip its members with the knowledge about legal institutions and how they ought to operate; teach members about different employment opportunities within a legal field; develop new and enhance existing skills that could make a positive impact on members’ future employability; and give members vital chances to meet and share experience & expertise with peers at different levels toward their career.

- Very well, but is it for me?

Certainly, it is! The Essex Bar Society membership is inclusive. The membership is not limited to those undertaking legal studies or those interested in pursuing a legal career path. We offer events anyone can enjoy and find educative. For instance, amongst our plans for an upcoming academic year is a day trip to UK Parliament, arguably something anyone should visit at some point. And having an opportunity to visit it as a group, with others interested in seeing it, might be an even better exerience. Therefore, if you are unsure if this society is for you, think no further and apply!


Essex Bar Society’s plans are currently under development. We will publish more information after our first official meeting of the year. We want to hear from YOU – our members- about your expectations for upcoming semesters. For now, below, you can find a list of types of Events Essex Bar Society hosted in the past.
  • Workshops on qualifying as a barrister. (inc. external speakers)
  • Mooting. (Academics taking roles of judges/tribunal)
  • Legal debating. 
  • Workshops on qualifying as a solicitor. (inc. external speakers)
  • Workshops on developing lawyers’ skills & qualities. (inc. external speakers)
  • Talks about the legal experience.
  • Connecting opportunities
  • Tours/visits
  • Panels
  • CV building activities



---> WHAT'S ON? <--- 

♦ Social event 

From this week onwards, the Essex Bar Society will share its weekly social with the Essex Law Society. You can attend both societies simultaneously and add each to your CV. What a deal! Two for the price of one! The reason why we came to such an agreement with Essex Law Society is that we understand the needs of law students. We know that studying law is demanding and requires a lot of time; thus, neither of us desires to have a lot of additional commitments, but at the same time, we all want to enjoy the perks of being a student. 

The event occurs between 6 and 8 p.m. every Thursday in Top Bar, and everyone is welcome to show up and bring anyone.

Collaboration with the Model of the United Nations Society 

Upon careful consideration, our executive committee has struck a deal with a Model of the United Nations Society. So, we will join MUN this Wednesday with their Court of Justice moot. And following this, we will join forces to create another similar event, however, on a much bigger scale with internal competition. More to follow, so stay abreast! 

♦ Internal Moot 

We have delegated some executives to prepare the moot court case briefs, and we will soon follow up with an email on how to sign up. If you have any questions or suggestions or would like help with preparation, please feel free to message either the executives or the Society. Executive members delegated to work in this regard: 

♦ Society Trip 

This academic year our committee decided to make several trips. The first one will take place in December around Weeks 11 and 12, and it will be a trip to a Middle Temple in London, one of the Inns of Court. Such an opportunity may be a lifetime chance! Usually, the Inns of Courts are not open for visits. You can find out more and register your interest on our Society’s webpage in the “What’s On” section. Claim your space now!

Information about further trips will follow soon. The executive committee currently deliberates whether the next trip should be to a Parliament, another Inn of Court, or perhaps some law firm. Feel free to drop us an email or message on our WhatsApp with suggestions! 

Your say 

If you wish we did any other events, please email any executive member with your suggestions!






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