Speech and Language Therapy


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Welcome to the SLT society!

We are an exciting society that aims to unite current and prospective SLT students or anyone with a passion for communication and SLT, through social events, collaborative learning, academic ventures and fund raising! 

We want to promote the critical importance of communication and raise the profile of the SLT service so that its role and value is understood and appreciated by a wider audience. We also want to facilitate our own learning and professional development within SLT by sharing knowledge and engaging in a range of interesting academic and practical pursuits!

If SLT is important to you, join the speech and language therapy society and help us raise awareness of this wonderful profession and the wide variety of people it supports

 Society’s aims

  • Raise awareness of speech and language therapy services and the client groups it supports
  • Bring together students with an interest in speech and language therapy
  • Develop and share our knowledge of SLT

Society’s objectives 

  • Organize sponsored and fundraising events that promote speech and language therapy awareness
  • Organize academic events relevant to the profession in order to develop our understanding and knowledge of SLT
  • Organize social events to promote awareness of the role of SLTs and to have fun!
  • Facilitate networking with other societies and organization

We do not have a regular meeting time or day; instead we contact our members to let them know about upcoming events, talks and fundraisers.  





There aren't any elections running right now