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Our mission is to be the number one choice for student nights out in Essex. We want to bring great nights out, right to your doorstep. We provide something for every type of raver from cheesy nights to indie classics to dance tunes. We bring the talent to you with chart topping DJs, bands and solo artists taking the stage.

We are safe, fairly priced and ready to give you a night you’ll remember (or won’t...) for a long time. Created and run by Essex students for Essex students, you’re never far from being served by a friendly face.

We’re here to give you a top-quality night, a stone’s throw from your flat. Work hard, play hard! And any profit made is spent on you.

Here’s to VKs, late nights and (questionable) dancing!





the club

Sub Zero nightclub opened in 2006, following a £1.2 million refurbishment of The Underground. The venue has a capacity of 1200 and regularly hosts some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

In the summer of 2019 we invested over £100,000 in a state of the art KV2 Sound system, new lighting rig and installed CO2 cannons, adding to the already fantastic experience of clubbing on campus.

our legal responsibilities

Under the 2003 Licensing Act we have a legal responsibility to:

  • Prevent crime and disorder
  • Ensure Public Safety
  • Prevent public nuisance
  • Protect children from harm
The Key methods we do this are by:
  • Running Challenge 25
  • Conducting random searches to prevent drugs and weapons entering the venue
  • Refusing to serve customers we believe are intoxicated
  • Refusing admission to customers who are intoxicated
  • Checking Government approved ID to ensure that under 18s do not access the venue
  • Serving drinks in plastic cups
  • Staff who are Personal License Holders
  • Staff training
  • Responsible retailing of alchohol
  • Compying with Weights and Measures Act
  • Employ third party SIA licensed Door Supervisors for club events
  • As part of our legal responsibilities we record the searches we carry out, the refusal of admissions and ejections and enforce bans of customers who breach the venue policies.
    You can see more details on the stats relating to searches HERE

    You can find out more on our venue banning procedures HERE

    You can find out about our right to refuse admission and venue policies HERE

    You can find out more on the Licensing Act 2003 HERE

keeping you safe

As an SU we believe that everyone should be entitled to a safe night out on campus.

To achieve this, we provide the following:

  • SU Welfare Assistants – dressed in yellow t-shirts so they’re easy to spot, our Welfare Assistants are here to help look out for your wellbeing
  • First Aid Trained Staff – so that we always have help on hand if needed
  • SIA Registered Security team – to keep you safe and help the night run smoothly
  • ‘Ask Angela’ Scheme – on a date and it’s not going well? Or feel unsafe for any reason? Simply come to the bar and ask for ‘Angela’ and our staff will know to help you discreetly, for example by calling a taxi on your behalf
  • Precautions to prevent drink spiking – we recommend staying safe by keeping your drink close and not accepting drinks from strangers. We also have free anti-spiking drinks toppers at the bar, simply ask to get one.
  • 24-hour Security Team - The University security team are based in the Information Centre on Square 3, or you can call them on 01206 872125.
  • Free drinking water – stay hydrated and minimise a hangover the following day by grabbing a free glass of water from the bar. You’ll thank us tomorrow!


In order to keep you safe on a night out, we carry out a number of random searches to make sure no one is bringing anything into sub zero that they shouldn’t be. To be as transparent as possible, we keep a record of the searches conducted.


To help make sure everyone in Sub Zero has a great night and in line with our SU values we operate a strict zero tolerance approach to any form of:

  • Harassment
  • Racism
  • Drug taking
  • Sexual Violence
  • Violence
  • Anything that makes others feel uncomfortable

It is on all of us to behave. If not, the party’s over for you and we may take further action. If you witness any unacceptable behaviour or ever feel unsafe please speak to any of our security team. 

getting you home

For those walking to and from campus, the University has set up a ‘Walking Together’ email subscription, where you can make contact with other University members walking on your route. Membership of the subscription list is instant just follow these steps:

  1. In the subject line add your destination, such as: Quays, Meadows or Avon Way
  2. Then add the time you plan to leave

Free personal alarms are available, and can be collected from the Information Centre on Square 3. The Suzy Lamplugh Trust provides information on the purpose and use of personal alarms. Most local taxis pick up from outside Sub Zero too, if you’d prefer to get a taxi home.


not had a great night out?

Along with believing everyone should have a safe night out, we think you should have a great night out. While we can't help if you fall out with your best mate, we can look into examples of bad service or where you feel you have been treated unfairly by our staff or our third party agencies (eg. St Johns and security team).

You can make a formal complaint HERE


Our venue has multiple methods of entry including a lift and access ramp onto the main floor of the venue. If you require any assistance please just ask one of our helpful staff.
Within the venue there is a accessible toilet which is located on the main floor level next to the cloakroom and our main bar has a lowered section.
From SQ3 enter at the main SU Entrance and take the Lift to floor 2. To travel from SQ4 enter at 4SW and take a left turn past the SU offices to get to the lift.



From SQ3 enter at the main SU Entrance and take the Lift to floor 2. To travel from SQ4 enter at 4SW and take a left turn past the SU offices to get to the lift.

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