University Hire Policy


We have now met with the University to discuss the potential issues surrounding the hire of our minibuses to the University and following discussions with both the SU’s and University’s insurers, the DVLA and the Community Transport Association we have regrettably drawn the same conclusions that:

  • As the SU is not a commercial vehicle operator our Insurance cover does not, and cannot, cover the hire or lending of our motor vehicle fleet to a third party, including the University.
  • Our Section 19 Permit is limited to Students’ Union activities only and is not transferable.

Both the Students’ Union and the University have a duty of care to both drivers and passengers and we cannot put either in a position where they are at risk of being un-insured and/or driving illegally. This statement therefore now confirms that regrettably the Students’ Union will no longer be in a position to hire or lend minibuses to the University.

The University Estate Management and Insurance teams are currently developing a University Fleet Management Policy which will outline the University's position on utilisation of multiple seat vehicles and will provide departments with guidance in this regard in the medium term. In the short term departments requiring multiple seat vehicles will be able to arrange hire from a commercial provider without the requirement to purchase insurance from the provider.

The University has fleet insurance in place which allows hired vehicles to be added to it (including minibuses). There is no charge to departments for using the University policy to insure their hired vehicles but full information must be provided to the insurance team by email to  prior to picking up or taking delivery of the vehicle.

The information required is:

  • For vehicles up to 8 passenger seats – Make & model of vehicle, registration number, dates of cover & name of driver(s)
  • For vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats & up to 16 passenger seats (mini bus) – Make & model of vehicle, registration number, dates of cover, name of driver(s), copy of licence(s) and licence check from DVLA plus confirmation the driver is not being paid specifically for driving the mini bus.

The DVLA licence check can be found here.