ultimate frisbee

hello, we are the essex blades ultimate frisbee club

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast paced sport played between two male, female or mixed teams, with 5 players per team indoors and 7 players per team outdoors. It combines aspects of many different sports such as American football, football and netball. At any time one team is on offence trying to work the disc up the field to catch it in the opposing team's endzone while the other team tries to block or catch it. A drop or catch by the opposing team results in a turnover of play and you cannot move when holding the disc.

How many teams do we have?

Men's 1st Team - BUCS South Eastern 2B
Women's 1st Team


Recent honours?

Essex Blades Gold Standard Club - 2016/17, 2017/18
BUCS Conference Cup Quarter-Finalists - 2017/18
SICKO Beginners Tournament 2018 - Runners-Up


Do I need anything else before I get involved?

Football boots and comfortable sports kit.

Join us*

To be a part of the club, you need to join up as a member. All of the different club membership options are listed below with a description of what each membership covers.

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Training times


club training

mONDAY | 6-8PM | grass pitches

All club members welcome.


club training

friday | 12-2PM | SPORTS ARENA

All club members welcome.

Please note, club training times listed above are during University term-time oNLY.




Club committee



daniel stedford




erik tambla


sonny khan

welfare officer

jacob wheeler

club captain