Essex SU VTeam volunteering

Regular Volunteering Projects

Regular Projects have at least one session on a weekly basis.

Just because it runs weekly doesn't mean you have to attend every week. With most of our regular projects you can give it a go once or try a different project each week!

No prior experience is needed for any of the projects, you will have to sign a simple volunteering agreement, and a short safeguarding training if you’re volunteering with children or vulnerable adults. Don’t worry, there’ll be clear instructions and guidance for these steps.

Our projects run at local schools, facilities for vulnerable adults, animal sanctuaries, refugee centres, allotments, and even on campus

The projects cover almost every interest you could have: art, coding, teaching, languages and cultues.. all you have to do is click and register. The Communications Officers will send you a welcome email with the next steps, and you'll receive weekly updates about sessions and you can choose when to attend.