VTEAM - UPCOMING opportunities

Here are all the upcoming volunteering opportunities!

Becoming a volunteer is a process! If you're signing up to one of our regular projects, please follow the link provided. You will then be emailed a link to complete the volunteering moodle training. Don't forget to complete this as it is a crucial element before you can start volunteering with us.
After completing the training you will be contacted by the project on next steps! If you're signing up for one of our one-off projects, sign up using the link provided, then kick back and relax until VTeam contact you closer to the date. It's as simple as that! 
If you have questions at any point during the process, be sure to contact us and we can help you in your journey to join VTeam! Keep an eye on this page as our activies are always updating. You can sign up to as many as you like!

Got a query about anything VTeam related? Email vteam@essex.ac.uk