SU Advice offers advice and guidance on Student Housing. We can advise on most things from Renting in the Private Sector to University Accommodation.

If for any reason we are unable to answer your query we can offer advice and contact details for other support services who may be better able to advise you.

Please follow the links below for further information. If you would like to speak to an Adviser about your query please do not hesitate to contact SU Advice.


We have also included this amazing right to rent guide to help you along the way. 


University Accomodation

Living in University accomodation is something
most students will experience


Paying a deposit - what you should know!

Information about the tenancy
deposit schemes.


10 top tips for moving in day

Setting billing accounts, checking the
inventory, taking photos etc.



What to do if something gets damaged or is


How to get your deposit back

Simple steps you can follow before,
during and at the end of your tenancy


Right to rent checks

How to prove your right to rent
Who must the landord check


How to choose the perfect house

Tips for what to look for when viewing
a house


Tenancy Agreements

General info about tenants rights, obligations
and signing contracts


Top tips for a great house share

Knowing your local rubbish collection day,
Solitting the costs, etc.


Bills, Bills, Bills

Information on bill sharing, what type of bills
you might have to pay etc.


Top tips for moving out day

Closing billing accounts, giving final meter
readings etc.



What is a guarantor and how they can help




Q: What can I do if I can’t get accommodation on campus?

A: For an off-campus rental you can try SU Homes on campus, or private rental websites such as rightmove.co.uk or spareroom.co.uk. The University operates a tenancy transfer system for students wishing to move from private to University accommodation, further details available here: https://www1.essex.ac.uk/accommodation/current_students/tenancy_transfer/default.aspx


Q: How can I get a guarantor for my rented property?

A: Your guarantor does not have to be a family member. If your guarantor does not meet the income requirement, it is possible to combine two guarantors to meet the income requirement. You may not know anybody in the UK who would be willing to act as your guarantor. There are services in the UK that can offer guarantors. SU Homes recommends Housing Hand. However, this service does charge: housinghand.co.uk.

The University of Essex is developing its own guarantor service, YourGuarantor. If you do not wish to use Housing Hand or YourGuarantor and do not have a guarantor in the UK, you will be asked to pay 6 month’s rent upfront covering the first month of your tenancy and the final 5 months.


Q: What is SU Homes and how can they help me?

A: SU Homes is a property finding service on campus specifically for University of Essex students. It is a free service with no fees and there is a SU Homes office on campus. Here is their website link for further details: https://www.essexstudent.com/suhomes/