hello, we are the essex blades cricket club

Cricket is a team sport with 11 players per side. The batting team try to score as many runs as possible and the bowling team try to restrict the number of runs they score through fielding and bowling them out. The teams then switch in the second innings and try to chase down the batting total made in the first innings.


How many teams do we have?

Men's Indoor team (BUCS South East)
Women's Indoor team (BUCS South East)
Men's Outdoor 1st team (BUCS South East Tier 1)
Men's Outdoor 2nd team (BUCS South East Tier 2)
Women's Outdoor 1st team (BUCS South East Tier 1)


Recent honours?

Men's Indoor team (BUCS South East) - Division Runners-Up 2016/17
Essex Blades Bronze Standard Club - 2016/17  
BUCS National Indoor Trophy Runners-Up - 2017/18
BUCS South Eastern 2B Winners - 2017/18
BUCS South Eastern 3B Winners - 2017/18
Essex Blades Gold Standard Club - 2017/18, 2018/19
Nominated - Social Club of the Year - 2017/18, 2018/19
Nominated - Club of the Year - 2018/19


Do I need anything else before I get involved?

Club kit is provided at training but for games it is recommended to have own batting equipment: whites, helmet, pads, box, gloves and bat.

Join us*

To be a part of the club, you need to join up as a member. All of the different club membership options are listed below with a description of what each membership covers.

* Please note that your membership information will be used in conjunction with Essex Sport (University), purely for the purpose of providing access to required facilities and data analysis. Your data will not be shared with anyone else or used for marketing purposes.

By purchasing a membership you are agreeing to the club's code of conduct


Please note, as memberships have to be uploaded to the Essex Sport system manually, it may take 3-5 working days before you are able to book onto your session via the Essex Sport app and attend training sessions. Should you have any problems, please email  

Training times

UECC indoor training plan for 2021/2022 Season.  

1st Team training ("invite only")

Thursday | 8:15-10pm
cricket nets



Only members specifically invited for the 1st team squad sessions by the Execs are welcome.  Please do not book on for this session on the Essex Sport unless you have been invited to it.



ALL club training

friday| womens : 2:15-3:15pm   
              MenS : 3:15Pm-5:00pm

  •  All club members welcome           Please note:
  • ONLY Book the 2:15PM Session on the Essex Sport App if you are coming to the Womens training session!                           
  • If you are coming to the MENS training session book the 3:45PM session on the Essex Sport App and come at 3:15PM.
  • NO ENTRY without a confirmed booking on the APP. 





Please note, club training times listed above are during University term-time oNLY.




Club committee



president & welfare officer

luke robinson

vice-president - men's & covid officer


vice-president - women's & womens 1st team captain


TREASURER & social secretary


club captain, mens 1st team captain & mens development officer


mens 2nd team captain


web officer




Womens Development Officer


secretary & Alumni officer