Course Reps news


As a result of rep feedback, several changes have been made to the 1st year timetable: study time, additional study days at the beginning of term, session starts at 10am, holidays changed to week in April and then one week before starting placement. Excellent work!


Thanks to reps raising this at SSLCs, WBL Nursing students will now be given six weeks notice of their placements via PEMS.


After reps raised the issues of not enough core textbooks available for the Actuarial Sciences course, reps have secured a commitment from the Maths Department to buy extra copies of "Actuarial Examination Tables", 2002.


Course Reps last year led a complaint against the department’s choice of guest speakers. This was resolved and the new guest speaker was much more well received.


PG course reps reported that PG students would like keys for the offices to be cut so that they could have access whenever they wanted. These keys have now been cut and are available from the Admin Office.


Work by course reps in the previous academic year has meant that the common room has been more widely advertised this year, and there has also been a kettle put in place.

Exams Split Between January and Summer

Thanks to the feedback of Psychology Course reps, exams for second year students have been split between and January and summer, meaning less pressure for students at the end of the year!

Additional Supervised Sessions for PT students!

Thanks to reps, additional supervised sessions to provide knowledge skills in advance of the module starting will be implemented for the 2017-18 academic year!


Students requested the introduction of a microwave in the cafe. This has been installed on a trial period.


Course Reps last year were in discussion with law regarding the potential reform of dual honours French and English law, and organised a seminar on the subject of law liberty and security in collaboration with law dept. with relation to the Paris attacks.


One of the course reps last year organised 6 study sessions/sit down meals with students studying law to discuss material outside of the course syllabus.


In response to Course Rep feedback, an entirely new module is set to be introduced from next year, which prepares Second Year students for their dissertations.


Complaints were made about the way a lecturer teaches, the main complaint being that the seminars lack a clear structure. Course Reps fed this back to the lecturer and he has susequently changed the way that he delivers the seminar.

Increased M Drive Space

Course Reps fed back that M-Drive space was an issue, and the department have increased its storage space to 2GB. During the SSLC, Course Reps and academic staff also discussed the possibility of both increasing the space to 10GB or the possibility of the school having its own server in the future!

More space on the M drive!

Students taking the Genomics module fed back to course reps that they wanted more space on their M-Drive. So, Course Reps got in contact with the Department, who got in touch with the IT department. As a result, this space has now been increased!

End of Term Christmas Parties!

Course Reps organised end of term Christmas parties by year group at the end of term 1 for students to relax and enjoy themselves after a long semester of hard work!

Coffee machine in the maths common room!

Course Reps organised the installation of a brand new coffee machine in the maths department common room!

Library late return period increased!

One of last year's course reps raised a point about the loan system for returning library books. Thanks to this issue being raised, the VP Education and Library worked together to increase the number of days a book could be returned late without incurring a fine from 3 days to 7!

PGR Student Socials!

The postgraduate research course reps have helped to organise a coffee and cake afternoon so that postgraduate research students can meet other research students to collaborate, share ideas and socialise.

Full reading lists available over the summer!

Course Reps reported that students would have liked the full reading lists available to them for each module over summer so they could get a head start on reading, so the admin team will make sure to add these for the next academic year!

Timetable changed

Course Reps addressed a complaint regarding timetabling, with seminars currently taking place straight after the lecture. The department will look into moving the times of these seminars from next term onwards.

Dissertation seminar for second year students

In response to course rep feedback, an entirely new module is set to be introduced from next year, which prepares Second Year students for their dissertations.

Seminar structure changed

Complaints were made about the way a lecturer teaches, the main complaint being that the seminars lack a clear structure. Course Reps fed this back to the lecturer and he has changed the way that he delivers the seminar.

GV103 module feedback

Course Reps last year got all essays for one submission within the GV103 module remarked and made sure that feedback was included

Additional funding for PGR students

Due to the work of PGR Course Reps last year, it was pointed out by the department that there is a lot more funding available to PGR students this academic years

GTAs microphones

Course Reps commented that the GTAs do not have microphones, and so Listen Again cannot be used, and students are struggling to hear what the GTA is saying. The department will look into providing GTAs with microphones.

Exams preparation sessions

Course Reps organised exams preparation sessions for 2nd year financial economics students

Modular revision group set up

Creation of a regular modular study group for EC202 students, set up modular revision groups prior to exams led by 3rd years that had already done the work, ran feedback sessions for EC202 and EC245.

Note taking guides now on Moodle

Students reported that there was a lack of questions to practice on each topic/lecture, in addition to seminar questions not reflecting exam style questions. Course Reps went to speak to the director of education and a PowerPoint presentation containing lecture summaries was uploaded to Moodle, containing key questions that students can answer, which also guides students in their note taking.

Calculations now being uploaded on Moodle

Calculations were being done by hand on a whiteboard by some lecturers meaning that the solutions were not put on Listen Again. The course reps went to speak to the lecturers individually and the lecturers have now started to use paper whiteboards so that the material can be uploaded to Moodle

New printer in Essex Business School

A working printer has now been installed by the department in response to Course Reps reporting that students would like one.

Post-practical sessions introduced

Students studying Tropical Marine Biology wanted post-practical sessions to help them write up their lab reports. Course Reps raised this to the department and these sessions have now been introduced.

Power socket in the Thomas Room

There was a reminder from Course Reps at the SSLC that there had been no update on the request for more power sockets/extension leads in the Thomas Room. Sarah Mumford is currently liaising with Estates about this provision.

Changes in the handbooks

Information that was in the handbooks about optional trips such as the coral reef trip was ambiguous. This was reported by course reps and has now been changed by the head of the academic registrar.

Handbook campus maps

Course Reps fed back to the School that it would be helpful to have a campus map in future editions of the handbooks. The department have committed to doing this for students next academic year.

New computers in the PGR student offices

Computers in the PGR student offices were very slow as well as those in the computer labs. The Department of Sociology is on a waiting list for new computers from IT.

Reimbursement for gallery visits

Course Reps raised a concern that there was no funding available for trips to galleries or weekends away for MA students. The department have since committed to reimbursing students for trips that are related to their studies.

M: Drive space increased

Got students access to research articles that they were unable to access before. In process of getting M: Drive space increased

PY111 0% weighted essays

Students were concerned about a suggestion that the essay outline assessment would be zero weighted instead of being 10% as originally advised. This has been resolved by Course Reps in partnership with the School.

Library 7 day loan

Following complaints about new 7 day loan rules from Library as the library advisory group, 7 day loans were now implemented.