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Thank You!

So we are two thirds of the way through Decision term. We have finished the Big Plan and a massive ‘Thank You ‘to all who contributed.


When voting at the University of Essex Students' Union - not everyone is able to vote for all roles. Why?

It's time to decide!

We asked our members, “What matters to you?” The results of that question are in and it's now time to vote on which of these issues matter the most to you.

Interested in running in the upcoming election?
Current Sabbatical Officers 2019/20

Are you interested in running in the upcoming election? We are giving you the opportunity to meet the current Sabbatical Officers to find out a bit more about the role.

Two days left to tell us what matters to you!

We want to know what we should focus on for next year.

We are one movement

Are you wondering why the SU is asking us all of these things? Then please watch this video.

What are Students saying so far?

In preparation for Decision Term we asked some of our students what matters to them.

What is Decision Term?

Decision Term is on

What is the Big Plan?

Find out more about what the Big Plan is and how it affects you