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There are seven categories that su societies are grouped in; Activities, Arts, Cultural, Departmental, Musical, Political & Representation and Religious. 
Check out what each category has to offer below!





musical events coming up


political events coming up

Dark image with shadows of people dancing with their hands up. There is a rainbow light behind them and confetti in the air. Hidden Disabilities Milk it and Meet Up
10th October 7pm - 11th October 11pm
SU Bar
This will be a fun and informal way to meet everyone at the start of term and make some friends! This will be held at the SU bar during the Milk it event, which is karaoke and dancing!
Picture of a hand writing in a book. Hidden Disabilities Study Session/Coffee Morning
12th October 11am - 1pm
Join here to have some company while you study or to have a chat, ONLINE only.
Image of laptop open on a table. Hidden Disabilities Zoom Series, Episode 1
25th October 5pm - 7pm
How does disability change your uni experience? Open forum at the end

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